Tavolino is the ultimate building experience. Create with a rich assortment of 90 of our most popular building blocks, bobbins, and tubes. Set out this elegant wood framed table of award winning construction toys and begin creating towers of color, geometric displays and spinning machines. Children, parents and grandparents will delight in learning through play as they stack, bend and build together. Tavolino makes a great centerpiece for a playroom or a treasured gift from a grandparent.


Ages: 3-adult

Hard wood folding table

8 wood bobbins
8 wood balls
12 wood dowels
1 wood turntable

6 wood beams
8 wood cubes
8 wood squares
8 wood connectors
6 acrylic tubes
1 wood tray

24 wood prisms
6 small wood trays
1 wood container