Scrape the plates clean …initial thoughts from a toy designer’s leftovers

After closing down Learning Materials Workshop office/studio, ending forty years of toy production, I find myself at home with a studio full of marooned materials, abandoned samples and jilted junk – wood, plastic, cloth, rubber, silicon, fur, mylar, stone, foam, marble, and many questions.  Since I am not presently manufacturing playthings for the “market”, I am freer to fiddle – to play with these orphaned forms. I am not sure what to call this activity or, the results of this fooling around but I feel it is a serious endeavor and mostly pleasurable.   I have been taking  photos on my cell phone, documenting some “stops” in the play process when I feel partially satisfied or ready to try something else. Since the images do not denote scale one could imagine a sliding scale- from architectural structures to miniature playscapes.  I will see where this goes. For the next few months, I will be adding images – playing with possibilities or perhaps just playing.