These Sakir Gökçebag  images should be of interest to teachers of young children as well as artists.“Removing everyday objects from their customary context” and seeing the beauty and poetry in these images is part of young children’s everyday experience.


Dr. Marcus Graf

On the Beauty of the Normal and the Poetry of the Everyday Some thoughts on the works of Sakir Gökçebag

In his work, Sakir Gökçebag deconstructs the various dimensions of our everyday life to reveal its complexity and the multiple facets of reality this yields. The artist, who was born in 1965 in Turkey and currently resides in Hamburg, studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. After completing his dissertation, he attended the Düsseldorf Art Academy on a DAAD grant, where he was awarded the Markus Lüpertz Prize. From the very beginning, the organization of three-dimensional objects in a given space played a decisive role in his work, which originally was focused upon graphic arts and painting. Today, his work is primarily determined by ready-made style object-based and spatial installations, in which he removes everyday objects from their customary contexts, charging them with new, often absurd levels of meaning through serial reproduction, deformation, and deconstruction. “