I left New York City on the last Megabus out before Hurricane Sandy hit the city. I have been in touch with many friends in the city who have been coping in various creative ways. Although most of the power is back on in Manhattan so many people are still suffering – their homes destroyed and the cold weather setting in. I am especially thinking of the young children and their families during this most difficult time.

For those that were not able to attend the symposium “The Child in the City of Play,” you can see it on line. The symposium was held in conjunction with the MoMA exhibit “Century of the Child” and “Common Senses. During the hour break time, the lively crowd interacted with the exhibits in “Common Senses,” including my own block installation and Reggio Children’s Digital Landscapes. “Common Senses” closes on November 19th so you still have an opportunity to see it if you are in New York. MoMA is open but subway transportation is somewhat limited. Things are improving slowly but this was a devastating storm