I just returned from an exciting week in NYC setting up my part of the exhibit “Common Senses” at The Museum of Modern Art.


The exhibit  is held in conjunction with the “Century of the Child” exhibit in the Architecture and Design Department.  “Common Senses” is designed for audience participation and since it is interactive, it will change everyday. The moment I finished installing my section, I realized that it was just the beginning, not the end. I will be returning to MoMA next week to give a workshop on Wednesday afternoon, October 3rd.  The installation process took several days and I was fortunate to spend some time with Ilaria Cavallini and Simona Spiaggiari from Reggio Emilia as they were setting up their amazing Digital Landscape Atelier.

If you can get to NYC to see these two exhibits you won’t be disappointed. Leave yourself several hours to absorb the “Century of the Child” exhibit and to interact with “Common Senses