Growing up in the middle of Manhattan, my wilderness adventures consisted of climbing trees in Riverside Park. I had always wanted to build a tree house and I continue to be fascinated about creating a small living space above the high branches. The design of the Senior-Center-turned tree house speaks to this nostalgia. However, rather than just gazing at the tree house from the Senior Center housing, I think that providing some kind of access to the structure, such as a ramp or a lift, would provide a richer experience than simply gazing up and remembering the past.  A number of architects are designing tree houses for adults – some are even hotels that compete with bird nests.

Senior Center Turned Treehouse by Benjamin Verdonck

'vogelenzangpark 17bis' by Benjamin Verdonck, 2012

The Bird's Nest by Inredningsgruppen

the 'Mirrorcube' by Tham & Videgard Architects - One of the Rooms in Treehotel