I am intrigued about the question of scale and building with young children. What happens to the play narrative when a child constructs a two foot tall building with blocks and places a one foot toy elephant next to it? Does the play narrative change when a 3 inch toy tiger enters the scene? Does scale matter to young children?
Check out these photographs on the huzi design site. Although the images are of food and miniature figures, they provoke the question about how scale changes meaning and potential narrative.

Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli presents an odd yet intriguing relationship with food in hisĀ Disparity series. Inspired by the media he saw as a little boy, he takes these images that look like kids living in an out-of-scale adult world.

Zesty Mower

Zesty Mower by Christopher Boffoli

Cracked Egg Road Crew

Cracked Egg Road Crew by Christopher Boffoli


Banana Riders

Banana Riders by Christopher Boffoli

Cookie Climbers

Cookie Climbers by Christopher Boffoli