Learning Materials Workshop was invited by Shelburne Museum’s Education Department to include our open-ended blocks as part of the Museum’s family program, “Build-O-Rama”.

Last Thursday, we packed our car full of Science and Inventors Kits and lots of Colorframes, Arcobalenos, and prism blocks and drove to the Owl Cottage for the Museum’s special ‘Sunset Series’ event. For over two hours, children from ages two to twelve and their parents built some amazing structures with Learning Materials Workshop blocks. It is always curious to see children of such varied ages equally engaged with LMW blocks. The structures clearly differ in complexity but the open-ended quality of the blocks provided unending challenges, possibilities and delights. Check out some of the creations from Build-O-Rama:

Jasmine beginning her creation using Carosello

Jasmine working hard on her creation.

Jasmine at Build-O-Rama, Shelburne Museum 2011

Jasmine putting finishing touches on her LMW block creation

Play session with "Color & Form Blocks"

The beginning of Eric's prism tower

Eric succeeded in building a tower that was taller than him!

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