“Barbie has been a doctor, a dentist, a vet and a racecar driver, but now the iconic doll that has inspired and entertained little girls for generations takes on the job of architect. With the help of two American Institute of Architects members, Mattel Inc., has announced plans for Architect Barbie — complete with hard hat and blueprints — to be the latest addition to its ‘’Barbie I Can Be…’’ line of dolls.” Full Architect Barbie article

I just returned from the American Toy Fair in New York last week and I heard that Mattel will be coming out with Architect Barbie this Summer. I am encouraged that two AIA architects collaborated on this idea. However, I do think that encouraging young girls to play with blocks, to get a sense of the thrill of designing and constructing their own buildings, would be the direction to go in if we want to see more woman enter this challenging field.  Block building enhances children’s spatial abilities, a sense of aesthetics, planning skills, and the experience of working cooperatively- all basic skills for a budding architect.


A picture of Architect Barbie