Constructing Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge

The impulse to construct, take apart, and build again is universal among young children and persists throughout our lifetime.

Learning Materials Workshop supports this active approach to learning with the design of high-quality play objects that invite children and builders of all ages to explore, to invent, to represent, and to test their theories about the physical and social world and the world of their imagination. Playing, learning, and creating are lifelong pursuits.


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For those who have treasured my toys over the years or have attended our workshops, you will notice some big changes on the website.

My company has stopped manufacturing toys although I continue to develop new designs for young children and playful adults, often in collaboration with other designers. The toys are now in the imaginative hands of thousands of children in early childhood programs, in art and science museums and on the floors of homes worldwide.


Object/s of Play – The Work of Cas Holman and Karen Hewitt

On view May13 – October 22

Shelburne Museum

Pizzagalli Center’s Diana and John Colgate Gallery

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